Self-Curing Acrylic

Self-curing acrylic powder is produced from high molecular weight Methyl Methacrylate polymer in polymer chain structure and particle size below 60 microns. A primer and stabilizer are added to the powder composition and a catalyst is added to the instant monomer composition to perform a chemical reaction between the powder and the liquid. The ratio of powder and liquid composition is 10 grams of powder to 5 grams of monomer.

Cold-cure acrylic application:

  • Repair of fractures and cracks in the prosthesis
  • Correction of dental prosthesis
  • Reline

Advantage of ACROSUN cold-cure:

  • Create strong chemical bonding at the repair site
  • High color variety, re-polishing ability and high gloss
  • Can be used for all filaments made of methyl methacrylate polymer

Available colors:

A27 – A45 – A63–A81,

  • Transparent (without color)
  • Dentin colors according to Vita color samples
  • Universal paints for gum denture coloring