Root Canal Sealing and filling materials:

Beta RCS sealer is a joint product of Beta Dent and Terradent company and is produced and packaged under the license of this German company

Terradent Dental Impression Materials:

Based on two-stage compression silicon (putty + light body)

Putty and light body are produced from the combination of Siloxane organic resin with fillers with micronized particle size along with stabilizing materials

Betadent dental products


Beta Dent Company has started its cooperation with Terradent in order to develop the product and technology in 2018, this company is a private research institute that works on polymer materials as well as dental materials (based on bio-materials).

Terradent Company provides technical knowledge of production of dental materials as licensed and the technical experts of this company have full supervision over the production and quality of products for up to 5 years.

Products that are being produced in cooperation with this German’s company:

– Root Canal Sealing and filling materials, Beta RCS brand

– Condensation impression materials, Terradent brand

In the near future, more products will be added to the company’s product list.