Betadent is a provider of dental accessories



The streak is made of acrylic and has anti-static properties to reduce the density in one part of the prosthesis during flasking. To have a natural look and color similar to gums, dentures need to be colored with organic pigments as well as artificial streaks. Streaks are added in standard size in the powder by the company


The technician uses holder during the flasking to clean wax and grease on the surface of the teeth as well as accelerating the work. Manufacturers of dentures place their teeth on a soft waxed plastic frame. Holder is a plastic device which has separate compartments for the number of teeth in the upper half of the jaw so that the order of the teeth is not wrong and the work is done easily and regularly

Pressure pot

Pressure pot is used to make denture and complete the auto-polymerization process. Has a safety valve, petcock and oily pressure gauge. This device is considered in a suitable volume capacity for 3 flasks and you can also use this pot for Reline as well as making partial dentures. The material of the device is all steel

Beta Film

It is produced from the combination of Sodium alginate, distilled water, pigment and other organic additives. Advantages of Beta Film’s separating liquid: Formation of uniform layer, create no gel when re-impregnated on plaster cast, easy to apply, stability of the created layer after the separating liquid dries

Pouring System’s Flask ( Casting )

Made of dense plastic, to withstand 2 to 3 times the air pressure inside the pot. In the pouring method, plastic’s flask have replaced metal and old one . Due to the use of duplicate or silicone, working with this method will be very convenient and the prosthesis produced will be of high quality

Pouring’s Duplicate

Note that direct heat to the gel shortens the life of its use and changes the dimensions and instability of the teeth when injecting acrylic. The correct way to melt duplicate is by using a melting machine or microwave

Wax Sheet (Pink)

One of the quality products that has been distributed by Beta Dent Company for the past several years is sheet wax, which is used for bite, modeling, tooth placement on articulators and prosthesis making. Beta wax is easily formed during modeling and is resistant to temperature during operation and is produced in accordance with ISO 12163 standard


Betadent is a provider of dental accessories