About us:

Impact and feeling useful for the society in which we live was the motivation to establish Beta Dent Company in 1983 and start our activity by producing artificial teeth (made of acrylic polymer).

A very sensitive field with complicated technology that requires high scientific expertise to meet the expectations of dentists.

In 2009, with the participation of polymer professors and dental materials specialists, we established a new company for the production of acrylic polymers and co-polymers (which is the basis of the dental materials industry) under the license of  Acrosun.

Production and supply of raw materials for dentures was a dream that came true,  this sweet the company’s R&D department in 2014, we also started the production of dental materials, including root canal sealing materials and impression materials (under the license of Terradent Germany) with the construction of a new factory, and we have set our goal to expand the range of dental products in the coming years.

 Hard steps requires capable managers and our strong point is to have valuable managers who do not put a finish line on development and innovation and always try to bold the name of Beta Dent in the global area.

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