Our Goals

Having 40 years of experience in the field of production dental materials, Beta Dent has set its main goals to: satisfy customers, establish representation all over the world, develop technology of production, as well as expand the product range.

The competitive advantage of Beta Dent Company is providing quality products at reasonable prices, which results in customer satisfaction and gaining loyal customers.

In order to develop production technology after Germany, for the second time in the world, we have been able to launch a robotic sorting and automation machine for tooth mounting with digital equipment by domestic researchers in 1398 and achieve goals such as increasing production efficiency and more precise control.

Cooperation with international companies which have technical knowledge to produce under their license, establishment of research and development units (R&D) are other goals we have achieved.

Development lead to the increase in sales and exports to neighboring countries through our agency well demonstrate our ability to sales and marketing. Finally expansion of these branches to European countries is a goal that we try to achieve.