Tray Acrylic:

Tray acrylic powder is based on Polymer Methyl Methacrylate with a combination of minerals and peroxide and in order to prevent more adhesion to the cast and also ease during the forming, primer and organic oil are added to the monomer.

Tray acrylic is self-curing base with a combination of powder and liquid in a weight ratio of 5 grams of liquid to 10 grams of powder.

Application of Tray Acrylic:

Making special tray

Making baseplate

Advantages of ACROSUN Acrylic Tray:

  • Available in 4 different colors with timing depending on temperature of the hot and cold area
  • Lack of sharp odor in acrylic liquid which can lead to allergic
  • With no porosity
  • Proper timing to form when working
  • easy separation from the cast

Available Colors :