The streak is made of acrylic and has anti-static properties to reduce the density in one part of the prosthesis during flasking. To have a natural look and color similar to gums, dentures need to be colored with organic pigments as well as artificial streaks. Streaks are added in standard size in the powder by the company

Application of acrylic Streak:

Composition in the contents of Heat Cure acrylic powder

Composition in the contents of Cold Cure acrylic powder

For coloring prosthesis

Net weight :1 gr

Technical description:

Acrylic polymers are produced after chemical process in the form of powder Granules with a particle size of 1 to 200 microns, which is a uniform, transparent and colorless powder.

During the production process, according to the use of acrylic powders, the powders are colored and saturated with organic pigments and additives are added to the powders to create a natural effect that is in harmony with the texture and color close to the gums. The role of acrylic streak which consists of colored threads with a diameter of less than one millimeter, is to create blood capillaries on the artificial gum tissue to make the denture look natural