Finex Nano Hybrid Teeth

4 layers-5 cook, in the Enamel and Dentin layer which is made of Nano-hybrid materials, a combination of polyurethane resin with fine particle size and dense fillers, resistance to abrasion and color change, with a variety of size and color. At the present, Finex is the highest quality product of Beta Dent Company, which has been welcomed by dentists and technicians for many years

Product technical specifications:


  • Natural form and appearance, compatibility with gum texture, color and size variation, abrasion and color change resistance.
  • It has 20 sizes of upper anterior tooth classified in square-oval-triangular anatomy
  • It has 10 sizes of lower anterior tooth
  • It has 6 pairs of posterior tooth for three types of cross-bite, overbite, normal bite
  • It has 5 colors


Making complete and based on implants prosthesis

Manufacture of partial dentures and implant-based partial dentures

Complete prosthesis with attachment

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