Emeral Composite Tooth

 4 layers-5cooks, it has 2 hard layers of composite material with resin base and silicate fillers and in terms of hardness it is 3 times more resistant than acrylic teeth. Emeral has a very high brightness and gloss and with the presence of composite resin in Dentin and Enamel layers, it has the property of refracting light and has a very natural effect.

Product technical specifications

It has 20 sizes of upper anterior teeth classified in square-oval-triangular anatomy

It has 10 sizes of lower anterior teeth

It has 6 pairs of posterior teeth for three types of cross-bite, overbite and normal bite

It has 5 colors


Making complete and based on implants prosthesis

Manufacture of partial dentures and implant-based partial dentures

Complete prosthesis with attachment