Cristal Artificial Tooth

3Layers- 3cook, Crystals is produced from synthesized and uniform minerals with a particle size of 1 to 20 microns and a combination of organic solvents, under very high pressure and temperature conditions. The tooth base is made of Poly Methyl Methacrylate and has a very good connection for strong bonding to the denture. The Crystal is resistant to plaque deposit and has high color stability

Product technical specifications:


  • Natural form and appearance, color and size variation, abrasion and color change resistance.
  • It has 20 sizes of upper anterior tooth classified in square-oval-triangular anatomy
  • It has 10 sizes of lower anterior tooth
  • It has 6 pairs of posterior tooth for three types of cross-bite, overbite, normal bite
  • It has 6 colors 


Making complete and based on implants prosthesis


Manufacture of partial dentures and implant-based partial dentures

Complete prosthesis with attachment

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