لوازم جانبی

wax sheet

Wax Sheet (pink)

A combination of Paraffin, Microcrystalline and organic additives with a melting point of less than 5%. It is used for biting, modeling, arranging teeth on articulators and making prosthesis. Beta wax is easily formed during modeling and is resistant to temperature during operation and is produced in accordance with ISO 12163 standard


For arranging artificial teeth on the casts, making dental prosthesis,

Modeling of partial dentures and removable prosthesis

Each sheet to make a maxillary and mandibular tooth

Product advantages

Excellent strength

Proper resistance and no cracking and fragility

Preservation of shape, modeling and no change of dimensions


500 g

Color :


لوازم جانبی


Beta Film

It is produced from the combination of Sodium alginate, distilled water, pigment and other organic additives.

After impregnating the separating liquid on the surface of the plaster cast, a layer is formed in the form of a very thin film that completely covers the surface of the cast and prevents adhesion between the acrylic polymer and the plaster, it also facilitates the removal of the prosthesis and prevents the negative effects of moisture in the plaster cast on the acrylic paste


Full denture and partial

Advantages of separating liquid

  • Forming a layer with a uniform thickness
  • Lack of gel liquid when repeatedly impregnated on the cast
  • Easy to use
  • Stability and durability of the created layer after drying the separating liquid
  • Desired color and smell
  • – Long shelf life
لوازم جانبی



Special gel for making denture by pouring method. The main base of the duplicate gel composition is Agar.

In making of traditional prosthesis, plaster is used for molding the modulated  cast. In the pouring method, duplicate gel replaces plaster and there are many advantages in this method.

Melting point 95 degrees

For duplicate melting, a special melting machine or microwave can be used.

Product Advantages:

Melting ability reusable

Suitable viscosity and elasticity

Sufficient strength

Accurate recording of modeling details

Gentle smell with mint scent

Technical Points:

Due to the evaporation of water in the duplicate with repeated melting, the concentration and viscosity of the gel gradually increases and the quality of the material changes, so it is better to add 5% water to the contents during the melting.

لوازم جانبی

pressure pot

Pressure pot

Pressure pot is used to make denture and complete the auto-polymerization process, by placing the flask in water at a temperature of about 55 ° C and under pressure 1.5 to 2 times inside the presser and within 25 to 30 minutes, cooking process is complete and dentures are made.

Casting Acrylic is used for repair and reline of denture with the above method.


Making complete and partial prosthesis by casting method

Reline and repair of denture

Technical Specifications

Possess safety valve

Has oily  pressure gauge

Has a petcock

Steel material

لوازم جانبی



Pouring System’s Flask ( Casting )

Made of dense plastic, to withstand 2 to 3 times the air pressure inside the pot. In the pouring method, plastic’s flask have replaced metal and old one . Due to the use of duplicate or silicone, working with this method will be very convenient and the prosthesis produced will be of high quality.

Application :

For implant-based prosthetic flaking

Complete prosthesis flasking

Flasking of partial dentures

Reline and Restoration

Advantages of making prosthesis by pouring method:

 complete removal of bubbles from the denture, precise dimensional stability and low residual monomer compared to making prosthesis in heat-curing method.

Specifications :

Available in blue and white

Has steel nozzles to create acrylic injection channel

Possess 3 conical tires